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Clear. Goals, objectives, processes, functions... All entities that drive MicroJumper are clear and concise. No guessing games or hoop jumping to accomplish goals. Instead a clear path guiding businesses to success is the foundation of MicroJumper.


Customized. There are no pre packaged plans here. Each business is given a full analysis to develop a success driven plan designed around the specific needs of your organization. Plans are developed quickly and efficiently.   


Compatible. Often times the idea of the cloud is interpreted as a balloon rather than a cloud. Balloons have defined boundaries and when anything penetrates those boundaries the balloon pops. MicroJumper approaches clouds a bit differently. Not only do we take the time to analyze your business and develop a customized cloud to meet your specific needs, we also develop your cloud so that information may be passed through it seamlessly. The boundaries our clouds do hold are those that define the terms and standards of your business while allowing free flowing communication.


Clear. Customized. Compatable.

1. Innovative Mobility

2. Customized Cloud Control

3. High Performance Hosting

Developing a path to success.

At MicroJumper, every member from phone support to the CEO works diligently with one primary goal in mind, 'help our customers grow'. We accomplish this by getting to know each customer, the ins and outs of the business, its primary functions and developing a list of prioritized needs. Coupled with our high performance support and innovative technologies a winning combination has been developed. From customized clouds and disaster recovery to storage management and server to server migration, MicroJumper has the solution.

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