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MicroJumper takes the security and privacy of your business very seriously. Below are some of the essential elements and innovative techniques we have established as a part of our foundation. We have built a strong platform that our customers have come to trust and rely on. If you have questions about any of the security features, you can send us an email to or simply select the support section at the bottom or top of the page. There you can forward your message straight to our customer service representatives who are standing by to take care of your needs.


Encryption is a code that cannot be cracked. The information is transferred in this encrypted form that only the computer it is going to can decipher. The information that leaves the computer is once again encrypted to be stored in the data center. This is key in prevention of stolen data from hackers.

Password Protection

Password protection is vital, that is why we work with a three strike rule. After three failed attempts to log in the account is blocked, helping to prevent intrusion. In order to unlock the account, a security question must first be answered. Password protection is essential for tight security.

Individual Security

As a customer of MicroJumper, each user will receive their own username and password to access the data center. Not only does this mean the encryption key for each user is unique, but as a result this allows the owner or manager to track each users movements and processes within the cloud.

Protocol Security

Protocols such as HTTP are vulnerable to hackers, and are most often targeted. Our specialized data security system uses alternate protocols that hackers do not target. These are alternated to further prevent hacking.


End to end verification is the process we use here at MicroJumper meaning every single time a file is written to disk at the data center, the integrity is verified. If verification fails, it is transmitted to an identical server.

Redundant Power

We run on redundant power which is a type of power source structure that going to survive such incidents as blackouts. Separate sources of electricity and backup generators are both used to ensure there is never a loss of power. 

128-Bit SSL

SSL or Secure Socket Layer is a key element to ensure information is not retrieved or corrupted in any way. The 128 bit signifies that it would take over 150 million weeks to decipher or break the encryption.

Restricting Remote Access

Remote access is restricted to limit access to certain IP addresses. This is to prevent anyone from accessing the data center from an outside location which is restricted.


Our firewalls are similar to those used on home computers but with a higher performance standard and greater capabilities so that the business can connect with backup software and not be locked out.

Virus Protection

Viruses come in all shapes and sizes and the data center must be protected from every form. Our exclusive virus protection software keeps the data center virus free and your business virus free. Our customers have come to expect a superb system because that is a standard we have set and promised to always deliver.

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