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The MicroJumper Corporation, founded in October of 2006, is a leading developer of storage management, server-to-server migration and disaster recovery software and services. Through the years our company has remained dedicated to innovation, keeping our customers on the frontline of new technologies. MicroJumper has a far east footprint in Malaysia and Singapore with our corporate headquarters located at 79 Jalan Bukit Bintang Kuala lumpur. To read more about how MicroJumper can help your business to grow to its full potential, please review our solutions and services and contact us with any questions.





About Us

Taking on the world...

So you can take on life.

The MicroJumper Mission...

To cloud your life and provide highway

access with very secure channels.


Our beliefs support our mission...

As each of our customers grow, we grow.  

Each story of success our customers

experience, we too experience success. 

With each customized plan winning 

consistent victories, we too are victorious.

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