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IT partner with a shared vision.

Mobility Knowing mobility is being implemented into all facets of business today, and companies realizing that mobile applications are stimulating growth faster than ever and becoming essential for possessing any type of edge, MicroJumper strategically develops custom solutions to optimize all functions of your companies mobile applications needs.


Cloud Computing Introducing cloud computing into a business is a smart choice and will provide benefits that will last, develop, and create growth. MicroJumper is not in the business of selling packages of predetermined options, we will discuss with you what the needs and goals of your business are, and then develop a plan that is most beneficial for your company. We want to take the responsibility of maintaining a functioning network and allow our customers the ability to refocus on business and start developing plans for growth.


Security At MicroJumper we are passionate about protecting our customers. Security is not just a a course our employees attend seasonally, it is engrained into our structure, developed with a system of checks and balances. Our facilities are guarded and under constant video surveillance to offer our customers the highest level of protection. MicroJumper facilities are equipped with high tech air conditioning maintenance systems. Redundant power is used meaning there is always more than one source of energy, each backed up by generators so if a loss of power does occur, MicroJumper experiences no down time.


Cloud Computing


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